Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Wait of Glory

C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis authored "The Weight of Glory." It is a compilation of his sermons that he delivered for giving hope and encouragement to people aduring World War II.  Although some of my posts are not specifically for attorneys, this one is.

When a client calls on me to represent them in any matter, it occurs to me that these people are entrusting to me a very sensitive and delicate situation in their lives.  And not only that, they are glad to shell out a large chunk of money for me to do so.  Most times this happens, it strikes me how heavy this situation really is.  The 'weight' of this situation compels me to be thankful to the person that has chosen me.  There are months that I don't catch a new client and thus don't increase my income.  But I know that if I continue to feel the "weight" of gratitude, I will eventually come into "glory." 

For other attorneys that read this, I encourage you to send thank you cards to your clients (or the most recent clients if your client list is too large to make this feasible) with a genuinely thankful heart.  Your authentic thanks in a hand-written note will make a HUGE impact on your client.  And in turn your reputation will grow.  Your practice will grow.  Your fulfillment will grow.  And eventually you will not have to "wait" for "glory", but feel the "weight of glory."

I'm continually thankful for my clients.  I understand the trust that you've given me and I do not take it lightly.  Thank you.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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