Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fare thee well!

The Prime Minister of Britain announced that Great Britain would begin a massive overhaul of their welfare system. He wants to cut $29 billion from the welfare bill by using a simply logical approach. He thinks those who "persistently reject work" should give up their $105 weekly payment. Brits that refuse to go out and get employment could lose their benefits for up to three years. The report stated that 1.4 million people in GB have been on the welfare system for over a decade.

The United States spent . . . wait for it . . . hold on to something . . . $714 BILLION (raise pinky finger backward to right side of mouth, a la Dr. Evil) in fiscal year 2008. Some of the criticism, including my own, include the idea that some of the people collecting welfare benefits are doing nothing to contribute to society. And the system is set up so they really do not need to. This type of system does not motivate successful or disciplined behavior. Instead, it tells Americans, "Please do not participate in growing our country. Please drain the lives of those around you by letting them support you." AND SOME ACTUALLY LISTEN AND OBEY!

Workfare: "A form of welfare in which capable adults are required to perform work, often in public-service jobs, as a condition of receiving aid" (not my definition, but a good one to boot). If Workfare were required in all the states, and not just some, our country could benefit massively. Or if even the benefits of those on welfare, that are capable of working, were restricted until those recipients were willing to work, the US could benefit.

I hope that President Obama follows Prime Minister Cameron's lead and says "Fare thee well" to the current welfare system.


  1. I encourage open public debate on Workfare. Let's hear the pros and cons (if there are any).

  2. My favorite so far! As a teacher, in our public education system, I see the tragedy this is becoming. Some of my students last year were baffled that I was unaware of "getting checks." "You know Ms.? The checks they send you? And you can't make too much or they take stuff away." I was saddened at the thought that many of them will lesson themselves because they need to fall in such a low category in order to get the "checks" or the "free stuff." It really irritates me to no end that there is not a better system created for this. Can we not see the abuse that is taking place daily? Don't get me wrong... some people need to use the system for a VERY BRIEF time to get back on track... but those are not the people truly costing America today. When will a "change" occur that will require us to work for our own needs instead of getting by so we can get more from the government? And don't get me started on the bags, phones, cars, etc that those same people own. How is it that the people that are in "need" of the most, are the same people that own some of the nicest things? Anyways... done ranting :)