Friday, October 29, 2010

“. . . you will look Lawyerly.”

Judge Chamberlain Haller admonishes Vincent “Vinny” LaGuardia Gambini for not wearing the appropriate attire to court. This year, as last year, my wife and I will look lawyerly on All Hallow’s Eve. We are going to subject ourselves to the continuing and rapid degradation of Western Society. We are dressing up as Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, and Birdgirl, his trusty legal sidekick.

We are going to the downtown area, getting a corner window seat at a busy intersection, and will watch the parade of party go-ers, clubbers, and costumed youth. We expect to comment, laugh, and look, “visually, with our eyes” at the amazing, clever, cute, and sordid. We will leave with more social distaste than we need. We will leave with more social conversation than can fill a public forum outside of Post Office sidewalks.

This display of First Amendment rights will be the most colorful (outside of a gay-rights parade in NYC), joyful (outside of African-American newscasters when President Obama was elected), and irreverent (outside of an Islam-excepted-moratorium-on-national-prayer-at-a-breakfast). And we’re going to watch the spectacle with front row seats . . . while looking lawyerly.

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  1. Great content in this story. I enjoyed reading it. I especially like the last line. Very creative!